How Do We Infuse Our Coffee Beans?

Here at Peak State, one of the top questions I get is how do we infuse our coffee beans? Many wonder how we get the benefits into the coffee beans, and how we ensure they also end up in your cup of coffee. And for good reason.

Let’s dive into it.

To truly understand how we craft our Coffee with Benefits, I need to take you back to the beginning of Peak State.

It all began while following a passion for the outdoors and spending time in the woods. I was fascinated with nature’s ability to heal us, and specifically, the untapped nutritional potential of the Chaga, one powerful, high antioxidant mass that grew on white birch trees. I learned Chaga had been consumed as a tea for thousands of years in herbal medicine.

After learning about Chaga’s amazing properties, I began to forage for it. I would break it up, grind it up into a powder, and steep it for several hours to enjoy it as a tea.


What I didn't expect was that drinking the resulting Chaga Tea made me feel amazing - soothed, relaxed, and calm. It was like a hug to the nervous system. But the tea was just the tip of the iceberg. To get all of the benefits, I learned that there are other benefits that can only be extracted with alcohol - a tincture - and I could put that in the tea too.

But here’s the thing with all this: I’m not even a tea guy

So, I asked myself, how could I infuse these hot water and alcohol extracted benefits into a cup of coffee? After all, coffee is something I drink every day. And not just any coffee, a great cup of coffee.

I first looked to see what was out there, could just buy what I was looking for off the shelf? All I could find were pills, powders, or stuff that comes in a packet...

And none of it tasted fresh, or quality. 


Worse, some supplements were sourced from regions where heavy metals or toxins are present in the soil. Others companies were selling products infused with only mycelium and not the fruiting body of the mushrooms. Others were using processes that denatured all of the benefits during the processing. 

I tried sprinkling the off the shelf mushroom powders into my coffee, but they would clump up in my cup and change the taste. Not exactly a great way to start my morning. I then tried the "Mushroom Coffees", but my problem was that I don't drink instant coffee every day, only when I'm camping, and not even car camping, like on a four day mountaineering expedition.

After trying product after product, I asked myself a question: “Is there no coffee with benefits for people who like to drink craft coffee?”

At that moment, I knew it was on me. I had to be the one to introduce the world’s first Coffee with Benefits.

And unlike anything out there, I know this coffee had to be the good kind. Not the kind that goes stale once you open it. Whole bean.

So my friend Carl and I, as two engineers and coffee lovers, we went to work, engineering the coffee of the future. After months of trial and error in Carl’s kitchen, we had a eureka moment. We solved taste, with benefits.

And in January, 2020, we developed our patentable infusion process that occurs during every Peak State roast.


So, here’s how it works:

  1. First, we source 100% organic ingredients that are all sustainably grown in North America, always full spectrum (mycelium AND fruiting body), and they are extracted for both alcohol and water soluble compounds into a tincture.
  2. Next, we botanically infused the tincture into coffee beans during the roasting process under conditions that allow the fresh beans to absorb the tincture without denaturing the valuable compounds (it took some real science that we are working to patent).
  3. We pack our botanically infused beans into compostable bags, always freshly roasted, and ship them to your doorstep fresh.


And that's how we've made it so that you can brew a quality cup of Coffee. With Benefits!

But it has to work right?

To ensure our process worked, we knew we had to do more than tell you to take our word for it. So, we sent our process through a rigorous third party lab test so that we can guarantee there are benefits in every single cup of brewed fair trade, organic, sustainably shade grown, single origin coffee. We measured the beta glucans and other nutritional compounds that ended up in our brew. And not only did we pass with flying colors, we found that our process was even more efficacious than what was out there due to our triple extracted full spectrum sourcing, while offering a greater quality of coffee than anyone out there. 

And we think the final product tastes damn good.

Today, some of the truest coffee lovers and snobs like ourselves are satisfied with Peak State and they’re happy to be getting more out of their morning ritual without having to compromise on quality.

The best surprise so far, however, is how many folks tell us that Peak State is the only coffee they can drink - that our shade grown coffee beans brew a smoother and less acidic cup or that the adaptogens help to calm their jitters. 

How cool is that that we can solve some of coffees jitters, acidity, environmental destructiveness, all at the same time, while making our morning ritual more nutrient rich?   

Peak State is here so that you can enjoy a quality cup, while feeling the difference of powerful benefits with every sip.

What a wild and rewarding journey!

Thanks for being with us.


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