Functional Coffee Beans

Add Coffee With Benefits to your morning routine. If you’re not sure which Peak State you want to drink, try them all with our Peak State Variety Pack. 

Our Ethiopia-origin light roast from the Yirgacheffe region features notes of citrus and lemon to bring you a premium single-origin cup of coffee with the most caffeine plus added focus and energy from lion's mane and cordyceps.

Prefer a medium roast? Our Guatemala offers a full-bodied brew with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and grape that will also offer powerful benefits to boost your immune system.

Like a darker roast? Consider our Sumatra for a high-quality bolder brew featuring notes of chocolate and melon, but shade grown and dark roasted for a less jittery java.

Off the caffeine? Our Decaf blend allows you to enjoy a high-quality coffee taste, the bean routine, and natural energy support, without the caffeine, and it's a swiss water process to be clean and chemical-free!

Order now to find your Peak State today!