Our Team

Our Values

Use Business as a Tool for Environmentalism: In all that we do, from our products to our processes to what we do with our profits, we are in business to create positive environmental change.

Do What We Say: We deliver on the what we promise to our customers, our peers, and ourselves. 

Communicate with Unparalleled Transparency: Hide nothing. 

Take Inspiration from Nature: Look to nature, spend time in it, and learn from it.

Be Stoked: Share our love for the outdoors and create products to help others do the same

Lead as Stewards: To be active stewards of the environment with the business and ourselves 

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Our Founder

"It isn’t enough to have just a few righteous people talking about preserving trails [and wild places]. We need a lot of them.” - Ira Spring

Our Founder, Danny, followed his passion into working outside. One summer working on a professional trail crew, he became curious about the healing potential of many plants in the woods. Danny learned to forage and extract wild Chaga, and after drinking it, he couldn’t stop thinking about how good it made him feel, so he set out to share it with others via his favorite drink - coffee. Soon after, Peak State was born with a mission to make these superfood benefits more accessible to all, and he took on some needed help to make it happen. Today, Peak State is the first company to offer Functional Coffees - wholes beans infused with nutritive benefits. Keeping origins in mind, Peak State donates 1% of all sales to Colorado Fourteeners Initiative.

Our Process

1. Source fair trade, organic, single-origin coffee beans

2. Infuse them with extracts of organic functional mushrooms using a secret process

3. Pack them into eco-friendly bags to ship to you

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Our mission

We exist to help others access quality coffee, to share our passion for nature and the outdoors, and to use business as force for environmental conservation.

Fresh Coffee Taste

Our unique coffee is botanically infused in whole bean form to keep your coffee tasting fresh and quality for your morning ritual.

Clean Ingredients

Our coffee is organic & fair trade, infused with organic functional mushrooms all  grown sustainably in the US to bring you a coffee both clean and preservative-free.

Purposefully Sustainable

From ethical sourcing and eco-friendly packaging to contributing 1% to environmental conservation, we are a "For Planet company" through and through.

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