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FOCUS Light Roast
(+Cognitive Support)

Ethiopian (Yirgacheffe)

Sweet Notes of Citrus & Lemon
Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown
+Lion's Mane for Brain Health,
Cordyceps for Energy Support

Most Caffeine

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BOOST Medium Roast
(+Immune Support)


Dark Chocolate & Silky Citrus Notes for Smooth Sippin'
Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown
+Immunity Support from Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga,  & Turkey Tail

Medium Caffeine + Low Acid

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UPLIFT Dark Roast
(+Stress Support)


Notes of Chocolate, Melon, Cantaloupe
Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown
+Adaptogenic Reishi for Stress,
Chaga for Wellness

Least Caffeine + Low Acid

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Peak State Trio

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1 bag of BOOST
1 bag of FOCUS
1 bag of UPLIFT
Delivered monthly

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