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The Meaning Behind 'Peak State'

Peak State of Mind

Peak State came to be when our Founder, Danny, wanted to help others feel optimal in their morning coffee routine, in the same way that spending time  in nature can help us feel optimal - mentally and physically. The idea came to him when he was spending time in the mountains working on a professional trail crew, working with his hands, moving around all day, breathing fresh air, and living a life that felt like his own sort of "peak state".

But regardless of the nature inspired origin, mountainous CO headquarters, or feel good ingredients, we didn't stop there. We asked a range of people to answer the question, “What is Your Peak State?” The answer to this question meant entirely different things to each person, and here’s what we found:

My peak state is…

1. Bringing Inspiration and Positivity To Others Through Song

Adriana Alba shared with us that her peak state comes through singing and spreading joy to others so they, too, can reach their peak state. Listen to what else she has to say here:


2. Enjoying the Moment (And Your Own Backyard) on Trails

Gwen Golaszewski finds her peak state when she immerses herself in Colorado’s natural landscape, often while running on trails. She tells us her story in this video:

3. Finding a Flow State in Songwriting and Rap Music

Isaiah explores how it can be difficult to reach your peak state, but having the drive to keep going and pursue your passions is the most important aspect. Hear the rest of Isaiah's story here:

4. Removing the Ego (and Pushing Yourself)

Nate finds his peak state while out climbing and focusing solely on the here and now. He finds peace in blocking out the rest of the world while soaking up the nature around him. Listen to what Nate shared with us here:


These are just a few stories about finding a Peak State. Each and every person can find that state of being where they are passionate about life, are reaching their optimal potential, and for some, it's the stillness of a morning cup of coffee.

What's your peak state? Comment below.

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